A summary of 2015

Drafts, Home

So now we have left 2015 behind us and are looking for the future in 2016. But I still want to take a moment to look back at 2015. It was the year I went to Paris, were really into vintage and secondhand, getting three new bunny´s, maid the BEST gingerbread house, drawed A LOT and started a new education.

i am Looking forward to 2016 and hope you do to!


(yes i have been watching way to musch gossip girl)


Happy birthday!

Drafts, Home

Happy birthday toooo you, Happy birthday tooo you, Happy birthday dear Grandma, happy birthday to YOU!🎉

Today my beloved Grandma is turning 92!!! And as a little gift too her I will mention it her that I am making her a drawing of nothing less then herself!

So her she is so far… And I will Update wen it’s all done!