A panda and a horse


Today is thursday or at least it’s thursday for me when I am writing this. This is the day when the horse head I have made in my cersmics class is done. It turned out better than i had expected. Having taken a break from writing on here (because of lack of drawings) A actually have a sketch to publish here! 


Birthday time!


Hi again!

Sorry fir not being very active here…(hehe) 

Today I am posting a picture! It’s a birthday card too my little cousin Iris! She turned 7 this week and is sooo grown up❤️

Here is the birthdaycard I made fir her, hope she likes it



2016 is soon here and I wish you all a happy new year!

And with a new year I give new promises of getting better at updating and making it fun for you guys to read. So with all that I hope that 2016 is your year when you do everything you want and make new goals.

So good bye 2015, we will miss you and welcome 2016, we hope to like you.


Doodeles i doo


Today I spent the day going throw old doodles. Most of them totally worthless and not worth saving but a few that is fun to keep.


This first one is of a dog, incase you didn´t know 😉



Looking at this really made me questioning how I felt that day. When not even a seal likes when it rains. Im still pretty happy with it though I feel like the eyes really says something. Think it was about a decay sense i last draw  a picture of a seal so I am happy with it.



And this last one is just me going crazy with crayons. I had an idea of making Batman (my bunny) but he looks nothing like that and then I also drew him a little friend. I really liked how the sky turned out.

Iris like the flower


A while ago my cousin and her husband, daughter Iris and there pug moves to a new place. Last Friday we all went there to see how it had turned out. The apartment is soo lovely and feels really cosy. I had talked to Iris about making something new she could out on her wall. After that it just keept snowballing and she wished for her and her pug Greta and raining strawberries. I promised I world try and when It was done give it to her. To draw for a child and especially if your trying to make it look like that child is the hardest thing I ever done. But when I saw Iris happy face and when she told me she loved it! It was soo worth it



2015/11/img_4195.jpg  IMG_4193