A book in the making…

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I wouldn’t call myself a cat person even though saying that only a monster wouldn´t find a kitten cute. So when a friend of my parents wanted to make a children’s book with lots of drawing of her cat as a kitten I decided to accept the challenge. The cat that the book is based around sadly passed away last summer and the book will be a nice way to look back at the best memories. This project has been going on for about two years now but this April I plan to be done!


Skärmavbild 2018-01-29 kl. 12.39.19

A draft that´s meant​ to be later in the book where the cat named​ Nils have grown up a bit more

Skärmavbild 2018-01-29 kl. 12.39.34

There beautiful​ house

Skärmavbild 2018-01-29 kl. 12.38.58

The first portrait​ in the book of him as a kitten

omslag på Nils

And finally a draft for the cover!


Malmö food swap

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My first edition of Malmö Food Swap logo. I thought the jar in a light green would be a nice symbol for the swapping. Im not a 100% sure about the the watermelon or if I should go with lime or lemon. The yellow might even go better with the green color. I think the typewriting style fits good with the modern hipster-foody look. If you want to know more about Malmö Food Swap or just food swapping go and check out there Facebook or here.11096843_925988480774124_1233981251_n

New project- Library Couch

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My new project is to s´design the website of an local library. The website is going to be for an electronic book club and I have a month left. The idea was to have a couch, a little side table with the book and a cup of tea. I think the website needs to be easy to use for all ages and still feel modern. I tested to do the couch in a neon color and I think it works without black.

Here is the couch with the side table:Skärmavbild 2015-02-18 kl. 13.58.10


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Today was the final day of the the couch project and I have recently send it in. Here is the final pattern of the phones and a nice touch with the ear phones. I used the Promarkers: Meadow green, Turquoise and Grey 3. There where a few rules to the competition; to only use three colors, not to many details and to get inspired of regular things you find around the home. If you want to know more about the competition read my old post on Couch day- one.

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