Christmas time is upon us!


Time has gone by so far and tomorrow is the 24th. This year I have finally had time to do all the stuff I only dreamed to have time time for. I have maid a gingerbread house, made my own christmas candy and maid the hole house as christmasy as it can get.

I have also maid a lot of of the gifts myself. I love to get something homemade and to give stuff that you really put effort into.

For my best friend Agnes that are a really notebook junky like myself I decided to buy a few of my favorite notebooks from Muji. I then had the fun part in front of me covering them with cute quotes and personalized drawings.



This is it all wrapped up 🙂


This is the first notebook she opened. Agnes that is the name of my friend and this book it´s the thought that she is going to write her blog ideas in. On the other side I maid little teacups and chocolate chip cookies because she often drink something when she blogs.


Me and Agnes once had this English teacher that loved to teach us little quotes, melodies and stories. For example he thought us the hole song from Alice in wonderland (the one that the rabbit sings) Because I to love Alice in Wonderland I thought it wasn´t more than appropriat to have that text on a notebook. I continued with drawing numbers on the bakside and writing her a little message.


Agnes dream dog is a Canaan dog. So why not make that? In the end it turned out to not look like a canaan dog at all but ah it´s cute any way. I then draw a few flowers and a gold frame.


I maid this with the thought of her writing her thoughts ,ideas and more philosophy stuff. I bought the washy with Agnes in mind. I then drawed a more calm pattern.


The finall notebook I took one of our old drawings that we maid toghter under a break in one of my old school books. I then wrote her name and then filled it up with grafic pattern. Red and blue as oppisite sides warm and cold. Agnes said she´s going to eventually use this as a diary wich I think it´s perfect for.


Agnes gave me two lush bathbombs witch I just loved! Now my hole room smells like heaven or if not even better.



Doodeles i doo


Today I spent the day going throw old doodles. Most of them totally worthless and not worth saving but a few that is fun to keep.


This first one is of a dog, incase you didn´t know 😉



Looking at this really made me questioning how I felt that day. When not even a seal likes when it rains. Im still pretty happy with it though I feel like the eyes really says something. Think it was about a decay sense i last draw  a picture of a seal so I am happy with it.



And this last one is just me going crazy with crayons. I had an idea of making Batman (my bunny) but he looks nothing like that and then I also drew him a little friend. I really liked how the sky turned out.

Iris like the flower


A while ago my cousin and her husband, daughter Iris and there pug moves to a new place. Last Friday we all went there to see how it had turned out. The apartment is soo lovely and feels really cosy. I had talked to Iris about making something new she could out on her wall. After that it just keept snowballing and she wished for her and her pug Greta and raining strawberries. I promised I world try and when It was done give it to her. To draw for a child and especially if your trying to make it look like that child is the hardest thing I ever done. But when I saw Iris happy face and when she told me she loved it! It was soo worth it



2015/11/img_4195.jpg  IMG_4193




Happy Hoppy Bunny


Today I finally had time over to enjoy some time with my Promarkers again. I really feel like I miss the feeling of just drawing. Due to our new family edition three baby bunnys and the fact that scholl is starting up again my time have been limited. But here they are Batman, Happy and Ruth and were so happy to have them.