Colord Pencils

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Today i found my old color crayons from school. I sed to love drawing with them and now a days 90% of all I draw is on a computer. So I am honoring my colors pencils with it´s own picture…maid on a computer.krita“Red, blue, green and yellow are all the colors i need”- me age 8


Mexican Flower

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Yesterday we visited a local flowershop to get some flowers to plant outside our door. It was the first time there and after going through the ordinary flowers we found a special section. It was a lot warmer and there where growing banana threes and palms everywhere. They also had loads of seaturturtles and birds. It got me thinking of doing something more colorful and with little birds. This is the result of a lazy day and way to much searching around on pictures of birds.

Heja Mexico