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Mexican Flower

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Yesterday we visited a local flowershop to get some flowers to plant outside our door. It was the first time there and after going through the ordinary flowers we found a special section. It was a lot warmer and there where growing banana threes and palms everywhere. They also had loads of seaturturtles and birds. It got me thinking of doing something more colorful and with little birds. This is the result of a lazy day and way to much searching around on pictures of birds.

Heja Mexico

I Wish I Was A River

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 A while ago I started up a project with my cousin. She had decided to start a blog and wanted me to do the header. The blog were going to be a way for her to keep positive and stay focused. She wanted to write about cooking, there pug Greta and her family- all the joyful things in her life, but also a place to share her thoughts about her chronic pain- Arachnoiditis.

                   första skiss Gretta   jusunritad    första skiss blog

This was my first draft for the header. The first colours that i started with were red, orange and green. I thought that would give a warm, organic feeling and because red and green are complementary colours they would work good togheter. The first drawing of Greta, the fawn coloured pug, my idea was to give it a circus feeling with simple shapes and a circus stool.

An important part is also getting feedback and working with that. After an update about her ideas I feelt ready for next step.The next step is to start working with the pictures in photoshop. In photoshop I choose the different shades and simplifying the shadows, making it more like a silhouette.



Here is the final image for the header and the christmas edition. Greta, the pug, is the same but the picture of my cousin changed. She´s also holding a musical note and a leek to symbolize her interests for food, home cooking and music. I also retained the waves and the leafs. I think the final result turned out good and i really enjoyed working with the project.

Skärmavbild 2015-03-09 kl. 15.55.34

Please also go check out my cousins blog at: