Laryngitis and whiteboards

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My dad have got Laryngitis, witch is an inflammation on the vocal cords, for the second time this year. So this time we have gotten him his own little whiteboard. When he left it on the table as the god daughter I am started drawing on it. It was suppose to look like me but ended up looking more like a Bratz doll.   IMG_2614


My Notebook obsession…

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…most stop now. After going through my bookshelf’s I have noticed how many notebooks I have collected and saved. Some from years ago with Mumin and stickers and my later editions Moleskin books. These are only a handful of all the notebooks I have owned trough the year. The books is used to draw, write or to simply look at. I have kept a diary on and of for years and looking at all these books makes me so happy.


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Malmö food swap

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My first edition of Malmö Food Swap logo. I thought the jar in a light green would be a nice symbol for the swapping. Im not a 100% sure about the the watermelon or if I should go with lime or lemon. The yellow might even go better with the green color. I think the typewriting style fits good with the modern hipster-foody look. If you want to know more about Malmö Food Swap or just food swapping go and check out there Facebook or here.11096843_925988480774124_1233981251_n