The best thing in life is chocolate

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I have just been testing out the new Promarkers and theres a few colors I love. I tried out some of them together and I think it worked out really well. I  like the Meadow Green, Tea Green and the Pastel Pink they make excellent candy colors. I used to like doing this kind of drawings after I read the Tracy Beaker books in the third grade. I think it´s really fun to draw little cupcakes and chocolate in happy colors, to get into a nice mood. I am also a huge chocolate fan and i think this will go nice by my desk.

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Today was the final day of the the couch project and I have recently send it in. Here is the final pattern of the phones and a nice touch with the ear phones. I used the Promarkers: Meadow green, Turquoise and Grey 3. There where a few rules to the competition; to only use three colors, not to many details and to get inspired of regular things you find around the home. If you want to know more about the competition read my old post on Couch day- one.

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My new Promarkers


Skärmavbild 2015-02-07 kl. 19.42.42

Today was finally the day when I bought new Promarkers. I have been really looking forward to this, and even though I have a lot of pens in a varsity of colors theres always “that” shade missing. After just a few minutes in the store I had already collected these 13 colors that I coulden´t live with out. I also bought a black pencil a Tombow ABT N15 that I wrote the names of the Promarkers with. When in the store they also had a vararity of different schetch books and note books. Finally I decided to buy a Fabriano 200g with recycled paper. All together cost 42 EUR for 13 Promarkers, a black liner and a new schetch book.

Skärmavbild 2015-02-07 kl. 19.41.15

The first four colors is warm colors. I really like the Burnt Orange and in compressing the Crimson looks a little pink. The ginger is a little orange and would work really good as lighter orange then my old amber. Im not that huge fan of pink colors put I realize you need light pink. The pastel pink is really light and could be used both as a skin color and at the nose and inner ears for all the animal drawings I do.

Skärmavbild 2015-02-07 kl. 19.47.33

The second layer is grey and a little blue colors. The first colors is Cool Grey 5,4,3 I have the first two from before and wanted to have them all. I usually use them for blending and shadows.This is´n really necessary with thees kind of marked because you can you´st wait until they dry and paint another layer. I thought the Tea Green would bee a good complement to my Sky Blue.

Skärmavbild 2015-02-07 kl. 19.47.54

I didn´t realize I bought four different green colors until I goth home. The Olive Green and the Pear Green is the most natural. The Bright Green is a real green color perfect for the typical green look. Meadow green is a little pear green and really light. I think it will work perfect as a pastel color and looks good with Burnt Orange or Ginger.

I really love my Promarkers and would love to show my hole collection. Hope this inspires you to buy a new shade.