The best thing in life is chocolate

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I have just been testing out the new Promarkers and theres a few colors I love. I tried out some of them together and I think it worked out really well. I  like the Meadow Green, Tea Green and the Pastel Pink they make excellent candy colors. I used to like doing this kind of drawings after I read the Tracy Beaker books in the third grade. I think it´s really fun to draw little cupcakes and chocolate in happy colors, to get into a nice mood. I am also a huge chocolate fan and i think this will go nice by my desk.

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My new Promarkers


Skärmavbild 2015-02-07 kl. 19.42.42

Today was finally the day when I bought new Promarkers. I have been really looking forward to this, and even though I have a lot of pens in a varsity of colors theres always “that” shade missing. After just a few minutes in the store I had already collected these 13 colors that I coulden´t live with out. I also bought a black pencil a Tombow ABT N15 that I wrote the names of the Promarkers with. When in the store they also had a vararity of different schetch books and note books. Finally I decided to buy a Fabriano 200g with recycled paper. All together cost 42 EUR for 13 Promarkers, a black liner and a new schetch book.

Skärmavbild 2015-02-07 kl. 19.41.15

The first four colors is warm colors. I really like the Burnt Orange and in compressing the Crimson looks a little pink. The ginger is a little orange and would work really good as lighter orange then my old amber. Im not that huge fan of pink colors put I realize you need light pink. The pastel pink is really light and could be used both as a skin color and at the nose and inner ears for all the animal drawings I do.

Skärmavbild 2015-02-07 kl. 19.47.33

The second layer is grey and a little blue colors. The first colors is Cool Grey 5,4,3 I have the first two from before and wanted to have them all. I usually use them for blending and shadows.This is´n really necessary with thees kind of marked because you can you´st wait until they dry and paint another layer. I thought the Tea Green would bee a good complement to my Sky Blue.

Skärmavbild 2015-02-07 kl. 19.47.54

I didn´t realize I bought four different green colors until I goth home. The Olive Green and the Pear Green is the most natural. The Bright Green is a real green color perfect for the typical green look. Meadow green is a little pear green and really light. I think it will work perfect as a pastel color and looks good with Burnt Orange or Ginger.

I really love my Promarkers and would love to show my hole collection. Hope this inspires you to buy a new shade.


VeggieTown- day three

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Today is my third and last day working with the VeggieTown projekt. The VeggieTown header is done and upload to the website. The site isn´t going to be up and running before until next week. You can visit the site at: VeggiTown. I hope you have enjoyed following this project.

Skärmavbild 2015-01-22 kl. 14.15.31


New sketches

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Happy New Year and good continued. I hope you all have had a good start on 2015 and a nice ending on 2014. Here is a few sketches I did from the train on my way home from Stockholm.


And with a little color and one and a half hour of Photoshoping my 2015 looked like this:


I really like the pastel colors and the leafs are stamps that are super easy to use.

To write the numbers of the year has started to get a tradition. I think i started in 2010 but then it looked like this.



This is one of the dresses i bought on my visit. A light yellow vintage. I found it in the second Beyond retro store we went to. We found a really good vintage guide over Stockholm on So if your going to Stockholm and want to find that perfect something in vintage this is the perfect guide. I think the dress I found is a real Elsa dress.


Both the dress and 2015 is drawn with one of my favorite pencils. The Copic multliner, black, 0,1.